Commercial property that's right for you.
Commercial property that's right for you.

Properties For You…

If you are looking to rent a commercial property, we have a range of properties that could be right for you.

With floor space typically ranging from 1,000sq ft to 30,000 sq ft, our commercial properties are ideal for all of your business needs. The majority of our listings are in March with the majority of shops located on the High Street.

Combined, we have years of local knowledge, and has always been very beneficial to all of our existing clients relating to the letting of commercial properties.

So What Do We Have?

  • 60 commercial properties on our portfolio (in March, Cambridgeshire)
  • 4 prime location retail premises (in nearby Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire)
  • Office space (Located in the heart of March)
  • Workshop/factory space or large industrial units (Various sizes)
  • Retail Units (Based on the high street)

You Can
Rely On Us...

We have a successful track record close to 50 years of helping clients rent commercial properties.

Our company philosophy is to abide by good family values, and this translates to the way in which we conduct business with you.

Contact our team:
(01354) 653649

Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd
Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd
Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd
Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd
Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd
Snowmountain Enterprises Ltd

Why Choose Snowmountain?

over 50 yearsOver 50 years vital
experience, we are a well established and here to stay
family run organisationFamily run organisation, with good values you can trust
well establishedA small well established team, with combined knowledge to give you the best opportunities
close to stationProperties located close to main station lines, great if you want to commute
residential PropertiesResidential Properties - Flats and houses of various sizes, most within the centre of March and in close reach of all amenities
Commercial propertiesCommercial Lettings - Shop Space, Office Space, Factory/Industrial Locations, all ideally located in March